About Us

HERITAGE VILLAGE is located in Okeechobee, situated in the center of Florida, approximately 40 minutes from the East Coast.

Considered by many as one of the most beautiful parks in Florida, it offers an almost exclusive francophone community. Owners and renters of homes and recreational vehicle sites enjoy properties that are distinguished by their size and landscaping.  A number of services are provided without charge and many attractions are located close by.

A community center, a recreation center and a heated pool make for a pleasant environment in which to spend your days.  In addition to providing a beautiful environment, the park benefits from the involvement of its residents. Thanks to its volunteers, the park offers residents an attractive variety of sporting, recreational and social activities.

One of the parks most appreciated qualities is the respect shown by its residents. Whether you prefer privacy or participation in many of the park activities, your choice will be respected. Come visit and join us at Heritage Village where life is pleasant and healthy under the Florida sun!


Heritage Village (formerly Heritage Place) was acquired on September 17, 1991 by Fernand Larose, a Gatineau businessman who had a dream to “build a park for a large family”.

After exploring the many advantages of Heritage Village and its surroundings, he concluded that this site met his criteria, that of having a park located in a peaceful area, under tropical weather and, away from crowded cities. He undertook the necessary steps with the Okeechobee County authorities to make his dream come true. After a few months of negotiations, he became owner of Heritage Village.

Visionary by nature, with a talent of entrepreneurship, Fernand Larose could already see the potential, viability, and eventual beauty of such a park. With fifty acres at his disposition, he thought of creating a site with twofold purpose; that of accommodating both mobile homes and recreational vehicles.

Fernand, ‘Fern’ as he is now well-known, started to reconfigure the park by first creating the recreational vehicle (RV) section . Initially, there were thirty two (32) mobile homes in the park. Thirteen (13) of the thirty two (32) mobile homes in this RV section had to be moved to the Mobile Homes section. The recreational vehicles section was then officially opened January 28, 1992. By the end of the 1991-1992, the first ‘winter season’, Heritage Village now had 94 owners.

The years following the acquisition of Heritage Village were busy ones for Fernand Larose and the Park Pioneers. With the support of these pioneers, he created the first Board of Directors; these undertook construction of the clubhouse, the swimming pool,’ Petanque’ and Shuffleboard courts, etc. From the very beginning, he has always supported succeeding administrations, never ceasing to embark on Park improvement projects. Through his efforts, Heritage Village has continued to embellish over the years.