The following properties are available for purchase. Please direct all inquires regarding properties to the contact listed for that property.

Park site plan

3421 SE 2nd Terrace (Lot C057)

Lot for RV, 5000 sq. ft. (front and rear terrace) 2 carports, extra house with kitchenette (dining room), living room, full bathroom with washer.  Heat pump, appliances and furniture included.
Price: $160,000 US
Information: Mario Cadieux and/or Marie-Josée Leclerc
Telephone: 514-945-6024 ou 514-515-1023

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3521 SE 2nd Terrace (Lot 52C)

Two bedrooms, bathroom, living room, barbecue, space for RV on paving stones, large shed, flooring redone.
Price: $176,000 USD
Information: Jean-Yves Levesque
Tel: 450-446-3885 ou Cell: 514-919-3866

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