Governing Documents

The Regulations govern our life in the Park. Their application remains the responsibility of each owner. They must therefore ensure that their guests or tenants know these rules and apply them. In the case of a sale, we suggest that the seller notify the new owners. Everyone’s collaboration is essential to maintain and promote the quality of life in Heritage Village.

The English version is the official version of the regulations and will therefore be used for interpretation purposes.

Exhibit C – Restrictions, Rules and Regulations (Bilingual Version)

Amended, 2023-04-03

Declaration of Restrictions Rules and Regulations of Heritage Village – A Mobile Home Subdivision
Signed: 1991-10-25

Board of County Commissioners Resolution 2006-10 
Recorded : 2006-03-15

Amendments Registered :

Florida Statutes
Chapter 720, Homeowners’ Associations

Moratorium – Retention Ponds
Date Issued: 2023-03-24

Date Modified: 2023-03-24

Date Issued: 2022-03-14

Double Occupancy
Date Issued: 2022-03-14

Procedure for Mailbox Locks
Published: 2021-12-03